We Do Different.

We don’t just run your ads and build your website. Increasingly the industry is filling up with “digital marketing agencies” that rely too much on spamming ads across the internet. We do different. We help you engage with your customers, incentivize them to campion your company, and give them the tools to be effective. Do ads have a place in that? Sure, but they’re not the main course.

We build your digital presence ready to scale with your business. We work with you to find how to make your business flourish. We help you structure your business, find sourcing or manufacturing, or create content for your social media or find leads…

If it has to do with your business growing – we do it all. We are your newest partner and we are ready to get started!

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We love to help.

Here at Paragon Flow, we don’t forget where we came from. We strive to find ways to give back in our daily lives.

We like to share our skills. Not everyone has the opportunity to learn and master the skills we use every day like us. That is why we love to give back by teaching our skills to anyone who wants to learn.

Not only do we have a mailing list where we share some of our most successful secrets and our social media where we talk about what’s new in the industry and help new entrepreneurs with their questions, we also train students in the skills of web development and marketing to help empower the next generation of entrepreneurs.



We love to give back.

We are proud to support Protect People Everywhere. A charity that provides masks and gloves to those in need to stay safe during the pandemic. We beleive that you should not have to risk getting sick because you can’t afford PPE. We stand by Protect People Everywhere’s effort to keep everyone safe. 


Please consider supporting this cause in any way you can. As we navigate through these trying times, all we have is each other. You can find out more at ppe.paragonflow.com.

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